It’s Really
Very Simple.

At Script to Screen, your success is our
success. Your goals are our goals.
Simple, right?

Sure. But also incredibly important.

As an industry-leading Integrated Direct Response Agency, Script to Screen delivers a single, end-to-end solution for direct-to-consumer sales, lead generation web traffic and conversions, and retail lift.

Most important, we have a 28-year track record of campaigns that met and exceeded our clients’ goals. We’re in it to win it, just like you are.

If your ultimate goals are cost-effective customer acquisition and brand building, Script to Screen can be your direct competitive advantage. Because no one gets results like Script to Screen. No one. And we can prove it.

How do you want to acquire more customers?

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DRTV is hyper-targeted
and analytics-driven.

That means you can reach directly into your “Ideal Customer’s” life via TV or mobile screen, capture their interest, and incite action. That’s a powerful, cost-effective way to sell product and support your brand. Strategically, that kind of omni-visibility is a key to retail shelf placement as well.

That’s exactly what happened with The Perfector—a new product launch that used DRTV to catapult itself into retail.

DRTV sends shoppers into stores.

What’s more, they are shoppers who already know about your product, and they’re ready to buy. The DRTV format allows for complete, compelling descriptions and demonstrations of all your product’s features and benefits. The cost-effectiveness of DRTV airings means plenty of exposure and brand awareness. What more could you ask?

Euro-Pro has happily ridden the DRTV express to explosive retail success.

DRTV drives web traffic.

That’s no bold statement. It’s a simple, proven fact. In fact, the two media are practically joined at the hip, because these days so many people watch TV with a smartphone or tablet in hand. They see your show, they hit your website, and suddenly your message is getting through on two platforms. No phone call required—you’re just a couple clicks away from a sale!

Here’s an example of a product offer that was a natural for the multi-tasking, multi-media demographic.

DRTV gets the right people to raise their hands.

DRTV gets the right people to raise their hands. Sure, there are other ways to get leads. You can buy lists. You can flood the web with “smart” banners and buttons. You can try expensive software that ferrets names from social sites. You’ll get leads. But wouldn’t you rather have qualified leads? Leads that are well informed, understand what you’re all about, and want what you have to offer? Leads that are responding to a carefully crafted message, one that ensures you’re not just gathering names, but capturing serious prospects? Those are the kinds of leads you get with DRTV. And those are the kinds of leads media giant Comcast was able to generate with this DRTV creative.