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“Focus on the process, not the outcome! The outcome is realized only when we are committed to the process!”

-W.E. (Bill) Mitchell

Have You Been Amazoned

Is Your Business Being Amazoned? In this 6-part series we are going to address specifically how to take control, the proven tactics that allow you to differentiate your product from everyone else's, how to make sure your potential customer knows why your...

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Infomercial King Tells a Story

Infomercial King Tells a Story Marketing: Director explains what works in ads By Peter J. Brennan Ken Kerry isn’t your typical Hollywood director. The co-founder of infomercial maker Script to Screen LLC can direct a story as short as a few seconds or as long as 30...

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A Case for Oreck

We’ve heard it hundreds of times, “I have to see it to believe it.” Even though in our rapidly growing online world of ‘Click’ to ‘Add to Cart’ where we see something we want and with one tap of a mouse or touch of a screen, we’ve made a purchase sight...

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