Infinite Mind-eyeQ

  • Client: Infinite Mind
  • Product: eyeQ Speed Reading Program
  • Price Point: $200
  • Host: Pam Dawber
  • Objectives: To introduce eyeQ to the American market, to work as a front-end profit center, and drive retail sales.

eyeQ, a speed reading software package, achieved enormous success in Japan where it was created, before being introduced to the United States by Infinite Mind.

When considering the creative, Script to Screen determined that one of the most important elements to the infomercial was a credible host. Television actress, Pam Dawber, better known for her role in the TV comedy, Mork and Mindy, took a genuine interest in the product, even introducing it to her son’s school. She became the perfect host.

The “Unleash Your Potential with eyeQ” infomercial was filmed in two schools, where teachers and students were able to experiment with the program in the classroom, and testify to its benefits to adults and children alike. It earned Finalist status for Best Intellectual Property Infomercial, at the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) Conference & Exposition.

This infomercial has sold over 600,000 units, and generated over $100 million in revenue.

  • Generated over $100 million in revenue
  • Sold 600,000 units
  • Finalist ERA Awards Best Intellectual Property Infomercial
  • Produced four highly successful infomercials
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