• Client: NutriSystem, Inc.
  • Product: NutriSystem Nourish™
  • Objectives: To introduce the Nourish Weight management program to the market, and create a front-end profit center.

In the last quarter of 2004, NutriSystem hired Script to Screen to produce an infomercial for their Nourish™ weight loss program. This talk-show style infomercial was hosted by well-known health journalist, Kat Carney, and featured testimonials from women who had achieved outstanding weight loss as a result of the program.

The infomercial tested in January 2005, and rolled out nationally soon after, eventually reaching the No. 1 position on the IMS Report.

After the infomercial launch, NutriSystem stock price grew from $3 per share to over $50 per share, with annual revenues growing from $20 million to over $500 million.

  • Annual revenues grew from $20m to over $500m annually
  • Stock share price grew from $3 per share to over $50 per share
  • Reached No. 1 on the IMS Report
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