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Torso Track, Inc.

Client: Torso Track, Inc. Product: Torso Track Price Point: $200 Host: Suzanne Somers Objectives: To introduce the Torso Track to the fitness marketplace, be a front-end profit center, and drive retail sales. Aptly named, the Torso Track is a fitness

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Client: Gaiam Americas, Inc. Product: TheFIRM Price Point: $90—$120 Objectives: To introduce The Wave byTheFIRM to the fitness marketplace, to create an independent profit center, and to build sell-in and pull-through demand in other channels of distribution, including retail, catalog,

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NordicTrack, Inc.

Client: Icon Health & Fitness Product: Cross Bow by Weider Objectives: To introduce the Cross Bow by Weider via direct response television profitably, and to drive retail sell-in and pull-through demand nationally. A high-end home gym, the Cross Bow by

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