2 Tips to Expand Your Direct Response Ad Dollars

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Insights

Facebook video ad spend continues to increase. Now, why is that? Because that’s where the eyeballs are. There’s a huge audiences you all know on Facebook. In fact, e-Marketer says that the biggest ad spend revenue gain on Facebook has been video ads, and a study by Inamoto said that 67% of all U.S. marketers are using Facebook video to run their ads, so there’s a lot of opportunity, and with a lot of opportunity, there is strategy, right?

Tip #1 is don’t assume your direct response ad just transfers automatically on Facebook. Once we create an infomercial for television, we have got hours and hours of great footage that can be re-cut in any number of ways. So, Facebook is the next best platform for us to utilize after our television message has been deployed.

It’s alluring to go to Facebook for a younger audience. We know that. And we have to, as direct response marketers, we have to expand that, but we have to talk to them differently. You have to engage them, and then you have to direct them, and I use that term, engage them and direct them because you know just because you have a direct response ad that you, you know, you want to sell your product, its features and benefits. That may not be the most engaging right off the bat, so do whatever you can to engage them and then direct them, and test things differently, as well. We’ll get into that a little bit more, but you know that audience is different. You have to treat them differently.

We have a campaign on television and its skews a little older, almost fifty plus, but to translate that to Facebook, we can still reach that audience and for us it’s kind of a low-hanging fruit, so of course we’re going to go after that audience, but Facebook offers us great opportunity to try to tap in to a younger market, and really test messaging to a younger market that we could then maybe translate to television, and it’s really good because in the infomercial that we have that’s cuing a little older, there’s a really great segment in that show that’s directed at a younger audience, so we’re able to pull a lot of that content, and direct it to the younger audience on Facebook.


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