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Brands and private equity firms frequently need an independent evaluation of their existing DTC channel in order to achieve growth goals. Our creative and campaign management teams are uniquely positioned to provide a holistic analysis of a company’s DTC and Performance Marketing efforts. From a creative review of existing ad campaigns to an in-depth dissection of the transactional infrastructure and sales funnels. We will identify any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement and can provide a detailed report of actionable recommendations for optimizations.

Whether you are a company looking for an outsourced CMO analysis or an investment firm looking to maximize the ROI of a company in your portfolio, we can assist. In addition to our 35+ years of experience in the space, we consistently have numerous current campaigns successfully running, which ensures our analysis includes best practices and cutting-edge marketing tactics.

Comprehensive Strategy & Execution

After our discovery process, we develop strategy, determine KPIs, create assets, manage, test and scale performance-driven campaigns that drive results.

We help marketers realize profitable multi-screen opportunities for their brands and helping them effectively build businesses and scale profitability whether they’re start-up, fast growth or mature. 


The primary channels we develop and deploy content into, and execute full-service campaigns are:

Linear Television/DRTV – Linear TV remains the most impactful medium to reach and influence consumers. In fact, many digital-only brands reach a revenue ceiling that requires leveraging television to break through.

Connected TV/OTT – The streaming platforms are a big part of the future, and our clients are leveraging the benefits of a more programmatic approach to television media. This one-to-one messaging to the target demographic can be highly effective but requires more frequency like typical brand-equity commercials.

 Paid Social – Video content remains the most engaging aspect of social media and our content is designed to drive clicks and conversions, rather than likes or shares.  We will meet the consumer where they are consuming media and direct them into our optimized sales funnel.

Digital – Whether it’s a Video Sales Letter, content for YouTube, other pre-roll opportunities, retargeting or display ads, we understand the need to have an integrated approach when the goal is conversion.

response-driven CREATIVE

We are experts in the art and science of innovative, compelling, measurable advertising for any platform and every screen.  Plenty of companies can produce television and other digital/social content; however, the Script to Screen Group is #1 in highly responsive, data-driven, transaction-driving, multi-screen creative. Frankly, we do it every day; over 3x’s more than comparable creative agencies, according to the industry’s leading tracking service.

A recent study developed by Analytics Partners that looked at over 20 years of marketing intelligence comprised of hundreds of billions in marketing spend from 1000+ brands showed that 2/3rds of the impact of video advertising is determined by the quality of creative.  It’s not simply targeting the right audience and the Script to Screen Group can ensure you develop an engaging, impactful creative strategy that will drive action and not simply create an emotion. 


The execution of the creative elements in performance marketing is paramount and the Script to Screen Group offers a one-stop production process to bring the winning creative to life.  Our in-house team will handle all aspects of the production process including talent acquisition, locations, testimonial procurement, all shooting, graphics, animations, music, and all post-production.

Other traditional advertising agencies will often engage the Script to Screen Group to consult on or fully execute the production of a creative concept they have developed.  Our role is to ensure that in addition to building the brand, we also develop content that will meet the client’s performance KPIs.

Campaign Management

Measurable media performance and profitability are key to our success. The Script to Screen Group delivers directly attributable media performance, actionable insights about your consumers and their behaviors and brings you highly scalable results.

Successful direct-to-consumer campaigns are not linear; they begin, progress and are continually tested and optimized. Our M2 team integrates multiple sources of data to continually enhance profitability and deliver branded marketing success.

The Script to Screen Group is an extension of your marketing department, handling day-to-day marketing management including media buying, microsite development and management, call center solutions, fulfillment, payment processing and more. Our experts streamline and optimize these elements which are often overlooked as key variables in the performance of a campaign. 


Driving retail sales for clients is a big part of what we do.  We want to make our clients media dollars work harder for them, and in many cases, we know that retailers will only bring in products that have significant marketing support behind it.  Our Scale to Retail program can help emerging brands quickly access the appropriate retailers through our network or retail reps that have direct access to category buyers.  In tandem with the DTC campaign that drives sales and overall awareness, we can quickly scale products beyond $25+ million in sales.

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