5 Ways Performance Response Television Can Help Build Subscription Businesses

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The lifeline to all subscription-based businesses is on-boarding new customers—that’s the way to grow, right? Because with new customers you have the opportunity to retain more customers, and retention is absolutely vital to profitability. According to Internet retailer, subscription commerce has boomed in recent years growing by 3,000%.

To give you some context to that number, since January of 2016, online visitors have gone from 722,000 to 21,000,000 per month. Now, with that kind of growth, the desire to track more customers is understandable but if you’re only limiting yourself to digital and social media, you are missing a huge, huge opportunity.

After a while, it gets more difficult and more expensive to expand your reach beyond the customers you’ve already targeted, so it’s imperative to find new channels. And just because you have an online business doesn’t mean that’s only where your customers are.

Gwynnie Bee is a client of ours and they are a women’s clothing rental service for women sizes 10 to 22, and they had grown their business very successfully online and they were ready to look for new customers to expand their reach, and the thing that we really like about these online clients is that they know their customers so well so it helps us in our job of targeting that marketplace, and you know you can’t have a better mix than women in fashion and online because we’re able to take all these women who love their clothes and love the fashion from Gwynnie Bee, and they post pictures of themselves and we’re able to use that when we’re telling the stories of these women and how much they like Gwynnie Bee.

It wasn’t just that we could target them immediately, which you definitely could, but we can really target who that ideal customer was and how we’re going to talk to them in the commercial.



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