5 Ways to Build a D2C Model Using Response Driven Performance Marketing

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It’s not enough today to hope in just fifteen to thirty seconds you’ve made enough of an impact to give a consumer everything they need to know to take action and make a purchase on the spot. Traditional advertising is extremely effective for many brands with tens of millions of dollars spread across the airwaves and online. But what about companies with significantly smaller budgets and a story to tell about their product or service that takes more than just a few seconds to tell their entire value proposition?

How do they compete? And how can a transaction turn a customer into a long-term lifetime value customer?

There’s more saturation than ever before in the marketplace, and consumers are more connected than ever before. And now, thirty percent of U.S. consumers change brands just for the sake of variety and novelty.Companies needed an effective way to address this trend by turning to direct-to-consumer strategies where they can take back ownership of the consumer brand relationship from third-party distributors, such as mass and online retailers.


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