A Case for Circulon

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When you think of quality home-cooking products, you can’t help but put Circulon in a class of its own. Yet even with its solid reputation for high quality, superior craftsmanship, and unique concentric circles, the Circulon Symmetry line of cookware was challenged at retail.  This Symmetry line was not moving off the shelves like the company had hoped and it was causing retailers to slowly discontinue carrying Circulon products at their stores.

This is a common problem we have heard for the last thirty years when brands get their products to retail and it doesn’t move like they anticipate, so this is an age-old problem. Yet when educated about the products’ benefits you’ll quickly understand why the concentric circle design is truly an advantage that makes cooking at home not just better, but easier and faster.

So, why was the line of Circulon cookware not selling as expected, after all who doesn’t want cookware that makes preparing meals at home a whole lot easier?

The problem was, when the cookware are on the shelves, there is no way to tell the story of why this particular line of cookware was different and far superior to all the other choices shoppers had while they were in the cookware department. It’s actually totally understandable, because if you’ve ever been in the cookware department of a national retailer it’s quite overwhelming and it can be confusing. How do you make decision on what line of cookware is best for you when they pretty much all look the same? If you’re relying on a salesperson to help you, that has its own set of problems. How could a salesperson possibly know all there is to know about every line. Finally, when you do get their attention and most cases, they’ll guide you to what they think is what’s most popular, not necessarily what’s best for you and your needs.

With all these potential challenges working against you and your product, you have to find a way to cut through the distractions and misinformation to survive, let alone stand out. That’s exactly what a Performance Response Marketing Campaign can do for you and your business. Imagine what it would be like where a shopper comes into a store, educated on your product asking specifically for your product. How does that change the playing field?

With that in mind, we’ve developed a campaign that allowed us to maximize the ability to do several very important things. Highlight and address the problems and frustrations people have with ordinary cookware.


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