The Script to Screen Group Creates and Elevates Brands, Acquires  More Leads, Activates More Customers, Increases More Loyalty and Maximizes ROI with Immediate and Measurable Results. Experience our Award-Winning Content, Data-Driven Results and Expertise Across All Screens


The Script to Screen Group is:

  • Script to Screen, with more than 35 years of creating and producing enormously successful performing infomercials and commercials as well as Direct-to-Consumer creatives for many offline platforms
  • M2 Marketing and Management, providing more than 20 years of breakthrough campaign management services, from setup to rollout optimization
  • #ThoughtLeaderThursday Webinars and industry commentary, designed to successfully leverage and share proven results and consulting strategies with our family of Clients

Together, these resources deliver results-driven, award-winning creative for every screen, full-service strategy and execution and measurable multi-media results for unparalleled, data-driven success


Awards for Excellence
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Our campaigns have been recognized for over 3 decades

Market Share
# 1

Successful Direct-to-Consumer campaigns on the air as ranked by the IMS since 2000

Advertising Agencies
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Trusted The Script to Screen Group to execute Direct-to-Consumer campaigns for their Clients. We have been pioneering Direct-to-Consumer strategies since 1986

Years of Experience
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Pioneered in the Direct-to-Consumer space

Billion Dollars in Client Revenues
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Direct sales, continuity, subscription and retail

Fortune 500
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Brands who partnered with us


Unlocking success for our Clients is our “why”: the reason we come to work everyday. This was true when we first opened our doors in 1986 and it’s just as true today. The Script to Screen Group listens, creates, analyzes, tests and uses evolving platforms and data-driven tactics to deliver successful strategies for every Client, including Long-Form Television Infomercials, Mid and Short-Form commercials, and targeted digital ads.

For over 35 years, we have delivered successful brand growth, expanded revenue channels and built businesses with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s in fitness, sports, finance, beauty, housewares, consumer electronics and more. We are industry pioneers and continuous innovators of measurable marketing impact.

We’re proud to have delivered success to brands like:

Nordic Track, launching their AbWorks product, even before Chuck Norris became the face of workout machines, and delivered over $250 million in revenue.

Adams Golf, guiding them from $2 million to over $100 million in sales within 18 months.

SodaStream, launching successful on-air SodaStream marketing, after which the company went public with the 8th largest IPO in NASDAQ history at that time and a market cap that went from $367 million to $1.46 billion.

Our Clients have experienced over $10 billion in revenue using our creative breakthroughs, analytical expertise and data-driven tactics. We consistently produce exceptional results.

The Script to Screen Group uses data to stretch the traditional boundaries of online and offline media and transactional marketing to achieve enviable results for our Clients. Our larger mission is to deliver successful multi-screen brand growth for our Clients another 30 years!

By deploying cutting-edge creative tactics in offline and online Direct-to-Consumer, 360º messaging in our clients campaign.


We are Strategic Communicators, Creative Innovators, and Thought Leaders. We Inspire, Energize, Shape Perception and Culture and Maximize Sales Effectiveness through Direct-to-Consumer Engagement Strategies.

Barbara Kerry

Barbara L. Kerry


She’s one of the top 25 most influential people in DRTV, according to Response Magazine. She’s a pioneer in the industry and, in 1986, she co-founded Script to Screen along with her husband, Ken Kerry. Today, Script to Screen is one of the nation’s leading direct response television companies and has produced more than 600 infomercials and DRTV spots, plus generated more than $6 billion in sales for its clients.

“What I love about the direct response business is that you cannot run and you cannot hide from the reality of the market place,” Barbara says, “In a very short time, you discover if you will win or you will lose, unlike conventional advertising where you know 50% of your advertising dollar is wasted, you just don’t know which 50%. In DR, you know within hours if your media dollars are working or not.” Under Barbara’s guidance, Script to Screen has been honored with over 70 awards for excellence from the Clio Awards, Electronic Retailing Association, Jordan Whitney and the New York Festivals.

A list of its prestigious Clients include AAA, Bare Escentuals, Bath & Body Works, Conair, Cuisinart, Dr. Denese, Esteé Lauder, Gaiam, Guthy-Renker, Gwynnie Bee, Hooked on Phonics, Keurig Green Mountain, Laura Geller, Little Passports, Nutrisystem, philosophy, Procter & Gamble, Rosetta Stone, Rubbermaid, Temptations, Tracy Anderson, Tria Beauty, Laura Geller, L’Oreal, Perfect Formula, and Wexler to name a few.

Barbara began her career in television producing programs for Southern California sports teams including the Angels, Dodgers, Lakers, Raiders, and Rams. Her education includes a B.A. in telecommunications from the University of Colorado, and an M.A. in psychology from Pepperdine University.


Ken Kerry


Ken serves as an Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director at Script to Screen, and his hands-on involvement ensures the highest production values are combined with solid direct response principles.

Ken co-founded Script to Screen in 1986, along with his wife, Barbara. Together, they built Script to Screen into one of the nation’s leading direct response television companies, producing more than 600 infomercials and DRTV spots, generating more than $6 billion in sales for its clients and winning numerous awards for excellence. Script to Screen’s prestigious Client roster includes AAA, Adams Golf, American Telecast, Beachbody, Bose, Bosley, Comcast, Conair, Gaiam, Gazelle, General Motors, Guthy-Renker, Hooked on Phonics, Icon Health & Fitness, Keurig, Kraft Foods, LifeLock, Meyer Corporation, NordicTrack, Omaha Steaks, Oreck, Robert Bosch, Rubbermaid, Shark/Ninja, Smartech, TaylorMade, Tristar Products, UFC and Wahl to name a few.

Prior to co-founding Script to Screen, Ken was affiliated with ABC Sports, where he worked on Wide World of Sports, Monday Night Football, and Monday Night Baseball. Ken holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television Production.

View Ken Kerry’s Articles


Alex Dinsmoor


Alex joined Script to Screen in 1999 and works closely with companies exploring direct-to-consumer sales and marketing strategies. 

During his tenure, he helped numerous brands successfully execute direct-response marketing strategies including Blink by Amazon, Estée Lauder, Abbott Labs, Shark/Ninja, Keurig, LifeLock, Omaha Steaks, Generac and L’Oreal to name a few.

In 2010, he launched a lifestyle-based product via direct-response and effectively moved into retail.  His experience on both the agency and client/product side of the business provides a unique perspective that benefits all agency clients.

Alex received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from Pepperdine University.  He is married with three children and enjoys golf, tennis, basketball, and the occasional sailing trip. Which might explain why he’s a fan of this Oliver Wendell Holmes quote: “Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it—but sail we must, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.”


Joanie Laxson


As Executive Producer, Joanie oversees all aspects of creative, production and post production. She believes in the team approach, collaborating closely with clients, writers, designers, producers and directors ensuring that each Script to Screen infomercial is on target, on time and on budget. She enjoys immersing herself in every project, and discovering how each product/service can “inspire you to become a better person or live a better life.”

During her 21+ years with Script to Screen, Joanie has produced successful shows for a wide variety of clients covering beauty, fitness, housewares and education—clients such as Bare Escentuals, Bath & Body Works, Conair, Compassion International, Focus Education, Freeze 24.7, Guthy-Renker, Helen of Troy, Homedics, Hooked on Phonics, Hoover, Infinite Mind, Investools, Keurig Green Mountain, Kraft, Laura Geller, Les Mills, L’Oreal, Meyer Corporation, Netspend, Perfect Formula, philosophy, Procter & Gamble, Rosetta Stone, Tria Beauty, Tristar Products, and Wexler to name a few.

When she’s not producing performance-driven DRTV, Joanie and her husband are busy with their blended family, coastal urban farm and vineyard, and rustic cabin in the Sequoias. So it’s no surprise that one of her favorite quotes is by C.W. Ceran: “Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple!”

Joanie graduated cum laude from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

Jackie Brewer Headshot

Jackie Brewer

Chief Operating Officer

Jackie is the newest member of the team: “I am excited to be joining Script to Screen who, to me, have always represented the three I’s – Insight, Innovation, and Integrity.”

She brings with her over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. “She co-founded The Rainbow Light Company, Personal Growth Technologies, Visual Sound Inc, Golden Acoustics, and Immy Inc, growing these companies through product development and new technologies. 

Of working in a team, she says “It’s wonderful to see people discover and embrace new talents they never knew they had.”

Jackie has also enjoyed a second career as an actor and voiceover artist. She loves the great outdoors and is a keen photographer.

Melany Koenig - VICE PRESIDENT

Melany Koenig


Over the past decade Melany has launched and managed 30+ DRTV campaigns including a number of brand sensitive campaigns such as Keurig, Breville, Rubbermaid, Contour, Cuisinart, and Conair to name a few. She has launched numerous female focused brands including Gwynnie Bee, Goody, Red Carpet Manicure, Pound, and Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, in which case she not only managed the successful DRTV campaign, but was also responsible for the client’s oversight and daily management of retail, home shopping and international distribution.

As Vice President at M2, Melany serves as a direct link between her clients and industry leaders, working closely with her team to manage the day-to-day elements of campaign strategy, offer development and infrastructure setup through campaign launch and continued optimization to ensure a seamless process and ongoing growth of a company.

Melany graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and minor studies in Organizational Leadership. Additionally, she has prior experience in television market research and analytics working at E! Entertainment in London, UK and in Account Management at NettResults International Marketing and Public Relations.

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