Blink Case Study Presentation for the Inspired Home Show 2020

by | Mar 18, 2020 | News, Insights, Direct to Consumer, Featured Content

Ken Kerry, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Script to Screen, was scheduled to present at the Inspired Home Show on 3/17/2020 in Chicago as to how Blink, a newcomer in the home automation/home security space, was able to succeed in its launch against institutional competition by using Direct-to-Consumer strategies. Unfortunately, the Inspired Home Show was canceled due to the pandemic crisis.

While it was impossible to present the show in person, we at Script to Screen found another way, by performing the presentation on LinkedIn Live, and then reposting it every place that can host a video. Really, doing so is a part of the strategy we helped create and implement for Blink — be everywhere your audience is, on all platforms, in as many ways as you can. You can watch the archive of the presentation here, and follow along on the deck by clicking here.

Blink is a new company to Performance Marketing with an innovative product — a battery operated, wireless home security camera system that allows customers to monitor their homes through their devices with no monthly subscription or service fees. It makes modern, digital home security about as simple and inexpensive as possible — a customer buys their equipment, connects the equipment to their home network, attaches the cameras where they want, and they’re done. Additional equipment provides the perfect ability to upsell, providing a lot of positive benefits with the Direct-to-Consumer strategy.

What Blink needed was to be able to get their signal to cut through the noise of the rest of the home security industry. Most companies in the field have been providing security literally for generations. They needed a creative and business strategy that would ensure potential customers could see the benefits their product had over the giants of the industry.   

Script to Screen designed a creative strategy based around highlighting the innovation and ease of use of the products, demonstrating how even the most technologically inept among us can easily set up our own security camera system, while also showing testimonials from enthusiastic customers who were proud of their purchases. We took this creative and, along with marketing partners M2, HavasEdge and DTM, built content that could be seen and interacted with on every possible platform a likely customer would be — digital, television,social, podcast, you name it, Blink was a presence on it. While the content on the various platforms were different — created and tweaked for the individual platforms — the core messaging was unified, creating an experience for potential customers where they might see an ad on television, then see various posts and ads on social media throughout the day, a banner ad while working, listening to a podcast at home, before seeing another ad over OTT in the evening.  

It takes an experienced team to create a marketing plan with this level of detail and execute it successfully. Although our analytics with Blink are confidential, we are currently in the midst of creating another round of marketing for the company.  

Again, please download the deck for the presentation here. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in a reply, on email, or over any of our social channels.

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