Brand Versus Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

by | Oct 22, 2021 | News

See what a commercial for a Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich looks like using a DTC strategy.

Brand versus Direct-to-Consumer advertising. We break down the power of one of the simplest DTC tactics.



Today we look at a short commercial, but no ordinary one. We see many ads produced by the fast-food industry, but we all know that good photography can make anything look enticing and so often we are disappointed. The key is, how do you believably convince your ad viewer that yours is worth trying? Leverage a consumer testimonial!

DTC and Testimonials

The power of Direct-to-Consumer advertising not only educates a potential customer, but instead of your company trying to make the case to purchase your product, you use your previous customers to sell for you. There are few things more powerful than having your customers express their delight by giving a powerful testimonial on the product. The latest craze in the fast-food industry right now, the Fried Chicken Sandwich…  Which one to choose? Watch how a consumer does the actual selling by powerfully describing her experience of eating something that was beyond what had been expected.

Bottom Line

In this 5-minute video, Ken provides you with insight on DTC advertising and the value of the testimonial. You will see how a satisfied customer convincingly manages to sell the product by her enthusiasm. It’s appealing and motivates you to want to go out and get a Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich now.


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