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Do you need specific creatives for specific platforms?


Is specific creative important for specific platforms? Is that a thing? Is it really necessary? Absolutely. Hey everyone, my name is Ken Kerry. I am co-founder of one of the largest privately held direct to consumer agencies in the country, Script to Screen.

Now, I wanted to talk about this because we get this question a lot from our clients. Should I be making different creative for different platforms where I’m advertising? Absolutely. Why would you repurpose a 60 second or 30 second commercial you do on television and move it over to Instagram or move it over to Facebook and just repurposing the same thing over and over again? You’re not going to be getting the same result because people on the platform are looking for something totally different. Here’s an example. So if you were to buy furniture and you went into Target and you talked to somebody on the floor about furniture, and then you went to Restoration Hardware, the person at Restoration Hardware is a higher clientele.

They have knowledge about the product, and they are going to give you as much knowledge as you need because they want to make sure you have the right purchase in Target. They may not even know if they have any more inventory and the person just leaves the hallway after you’ve asked about this desk on the shelf, and that’s the last time you see that person. Totally different ways you want to talk to consumers. Now they are appropriate for each one of them, but when you put that in advertising, here’s an example. We have a client called NuGenix, a supplement program. And what we do on television, we use Doug Flute and we use Frank Thomas. And we talk about men losing their energy and their drive and you know, trying to get lean again after, you know, over 40. So it’s, it’s a testosterone product specifically for men.

So, we air that mostly on male dominated television. When we go to Facebook, it’s a totally different audience. We’re selling to females. So we have a creative of a woman in a red dress and she’s talking to males and females, but mostly females about how this great product NuGenix can help them in their life and help them with their significant other. We’re selling the same product, but we’re talking to our audiences differently with different creative because of the platform. So, if we just repurpose that television ad and put it on YouTube or put it on Instagram or put it on Facebook, it is not going to perform the same way. I bet you dollars to donuts that probably you’re on YouTube and you see a commercial for let’s say Allstate, and it’s the same commercial you saw on television. You’ve just passed by it. You’re like, I’ve seen this a million times. It’s wasting your time. That’s a perfect example of just repurposing something.

So, if you’re going to be making creative and you’re looking at digital and social and television and Amazon and Google and search all as different channels, treat them with the respect that they deserve. Put the right creative specific to the channel that you want. Each platform is just a channel. You have to talk to your customer, appropriate to the channel that does what you want to do, and that’s the cellular product.


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