Thought Leader Thursday Webinar — DTC Secrets: Better P&L With the Right 3PL

Join DRTV Expert, Ken Kerry and a2b Fulfillment EVP Debbie Skerly to Discover How a New 3PL Strategy Can Energize Your Business.


The webinar “Don’t Contract A Brand Spokesperson Prior to Doing These 3 Things” featuring special guest Patricia Stark was broadcast on Thursday, August 20, 2020 at [1:00] PM EDT/[10:00] AM PDT, but you can view it here on demand. In it, we discussed the most important criteria for how to select a brand ambassador or spokesperson for your commercial or infomercial, what the right one can do for your company, as well as what the wrong one can do to your brand image.



Our guest for this webinar had amazing insight because she is not only an experienced brand spokesperson, but professionally trains them as well. Patricia Stark is a Communications Expert, Media & Public Speaking Trainer, Certified Body Language Specialist, and Calmfidence® Coach. She has extensive experience as a News Anchor, Health & Wellness TV Host, Moderator, and starred in Law & Order Criminal Intent as reporter Dawn Condor. 

Patricia is also the Host/Writer of the Calmfidence® for Teens segment on the Emmy Award-winning new Wonderama. She is regularly sought after as a Guest TV Communication Expert, Lifestyle Expert, and Keynote Speaker.

You can follow Patricia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Understanding and Passion for Your Product

The core lesson of this webinar was that the most important quality to find in a company spokesperson or ambassador is a genuine understanding and passion for your product. A spokesperson can look perfect on paper, but if the product is not something they would use in real life, what you’ve done is hire a pitch person. You lose any chance of authenticity and the ability to make a real connection with your customer base.

Another key point is to make sure your spokesperson properly prepares prior to any filming. You want to have your ambassador live with your product or service for a while. Let them discover its qualities and hold “mini focus groups” with their friends and family so they can truly talk about the product with knowledgeable authenticity. 


Next Webinar

Our next webinar will be held on Thursday, September 24 at [1:00] PM ET/[10:00] PT and will feature Debbie Skerly, Executive Vice President of a2b Fulfillment, discussing the changing strategies involved in third party logistics and the importance in using one that specializes in DTC campaigns. You can stay up-to-date on all our webinars by registering here.  

    Ken Kerry

    Ken Kerry

    Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Script to Screen

    Ken Kerry serves as an Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director at Script to Screen, and his hands-on involvement ensures the highest production values are combined with solid direct response principles. Script to Screen is one of the nation’s leading direct response television companies, producing more than 600 infomercials and DRTV spots, generating more than $6 billion in sales for its clients, and winning numerous awards for excellence.

    Debbie Skerly

    Debbie Skerly

    EVP at a2b Fulfillment

    Debbie works to provide customized business support solutions for marketers seeking order fulfillment, customer care and value-adding business solutions. Debbie’s commitment to the Direct Response industry is unmatched. She served as Chairwoman of The Electronic Retailing Association’s (ERA) Membership Committee for 2 years, a member of the Exhibitor Advisory Committee and worked with ERA to launch The Industry Women’s Council. She has also been a speaker at industry events.

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