Electric Vehicles (EV) were one of the many highlights of the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They are an emerging technology poised to become a dominating force in the transportation sector. One day, perhaps sooner than we realize, the road will be dominated by energy efficient, clean-fueled cars.

The 800 Pound Gorilla

Currently though, there is a roadblock to many companies entering the electric vehicle space. When consumers think about electric vehicles, one company comes to mind: Tesla. Tesla was able to get an enormous lead on the rest of the industry, bringing a viable electric vehicle to market. Right now, if your average consumer is talking about an EV, there is a very good chance they are talking about a Tesla.

There are many companies attempting to enter the EV market. Some of them have well established pedigrees, like Chevrolet, Mercedes and Nissan. Others have well established names, but not in automotive, like Sony. Still others, such as Fisker, NIO and XPeng, have little exposure in the mainstream American market. However, they all share the same challenge. How do you beat the name brand recognition in the general marketplace that Tesla has built up? What strategy will allow a company to break into a market where there is already a leader that dominates the space?

The Solution

There is no single answer to this problem. But applying a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing strategy with a 360-degree media campaign is a valuable element to the solution.

One of the greatest challenges that companies manufacturing EV currently face is educating the general populace on the benefits of owning an EV. Moreover, given Tesla has reportedly sold fewer than 1.5 million cars total, it is a problem they face as well. It is difficult to convey what an electric vehicle can do for your average customer – especially in the space of a TV commercial or YouTube video.

What You Need

You know what your customers’ pain points are. For instance, they want reliability. In addition, they want to know they will be able to recharge their vehicle as easily and painlessly as possible. They are already sure if they get an EV, they will never be able to go on a road trip again. So how do you educate your prospective customer base on what an EV can do for them?

What To Do

By creating a DTC media strategy, you can educate your customers wherever they are, whenever they are, on whatever media platform they are viewing. You will be able to reach out to your customers with a consistent, targeted message designed to educate them on why your EV solves all their pain points and remove all obstacles to a purchase.  In addition, you will be able to form a relationship with them whether they are watching videos online, watching television, listening to podcasts, radio, wherever they might be.

In conclusion, obtaining word-of-mouth and name brand recognition becomes a breeze with all this marketing power at your company’s command. Your company can compete against a market dominated by one name. You just need to put in the work and do everything to inform your customers of your benefits.

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