DTC Marketing – Multi-Channel Attribution

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Insights, Direct to Consumer, Featured Content

DTC Marketing – The Game Keeps Changing

This month’s newsletter is about multi-channel attribution and how that has changed the game in direct-to-consumer marketing. Today before, and I’m saying 10 years ago, maybe even a little less, there was this ability to drive your consumers to a website via television. And that was going to be the majority of where your sales were coming from because you were driving traffic to that website, and it came from television, and you’d have a little bit from digital, a little bit from social, but not as much as you have today. And that’s why I called direct to consumer marketing a full contact sport. Now, because you have to be a proactive marketer. So, for instance, when we are working on campaigns and television is going to be the main driver, you look at that as one channel. You have to look at your digital social media, you’re going to use email marketing, you’re going to look at Amazon, and you’re going to look at retargeting.

And then eventually, in some cases, retail, when you are driving a customer from television, although everything is fragmented, and we know that television media and television eyeballs are fragmented, it just, those eyeballs have just shifted to other places. So, you need to think about incorporating all those things into a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign. It’s not just television and your website, and you can do all your business there. That’s not the case anymore. So, when you drive traffic from television, you start looking at all these channels and you start finding where the pockets are, where that are getting the most traction, and you start leaning into that a little bit more. But the point is, once you add up all those, um, say the end numbers or the, the profit that you’ve determined that you can gain from these channels, with all that attribution is television paying out.

Now, television from the get may only be a, you know, one-to-one or, you know, a break even. And in some cases, you can get over that. But a break-even is really good today. And why is that? Because you, it drives so many other channels of your business. So, when you add all that up, pretty much you understand that maybe your Amazon is doing really well. walmart.com is doing what email is coming. Now, that’s a little bit longer tail, but your email retargeting is coming, coming in. So, you know that you’re driving traffic top of the funnel from television. And it’s, it’s, you know, there’s a cost to that. But don’t look at that as, did I pay for my television and direct to consumer from this ad at this point in, in this time. So, when you’re thinking about doing direct to consumer, think about all those channels, understand how you’re going to take that multi-channel attribution and understand how your campaign is successful and where you’re going to lean in. And you’re going to find out how direct to consumer marketing can be not only profitable, but extremely profitable from this day forward.

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