DTC Marketing – The Game Has Changed

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DTC Marketing – The Game Has Changed

Let’s talk about what the future of R.O.I. is. You know, it wasn’t long ago where you can be on one channel and analyze what you did and be successful. But the game has totally changed today. I think you all know that.

But let’s just talk a little a little, little nitty gritty on that. Okay. Today’s reality just requires multiple channels, which means multiple analytics, right? There’s just an exponential increase on the work you have to do to stay on top of it in every channel that you’re in.

So of course, you have your website and you’ve got the analytics to go along with your website and you’ve got digital, social right, and the analytics to go along with the digital and social campaigns. You got media analytics that could include TV, radio, streaming, you name it.

And then of course, email, marketing, analytics and all the things that go on there. Every channel is a job in and of itself. And going back to the beginning. There was a time when you would run a television commercial or a direct to consumer commercial, whatever it may be, and you’re getting orders directly from that, and then you’re getting some on the website, and that was it. But now it’s all of these other channels that are mixed into it. Right. And you just pulling these levers at the end of the day. You’re making the fuel as rich as possible to make the engine go as fast as possible.

Right. And you know what we didn’t even talk about. Tik tok, YouTube, retail influencers, Amazon. If you are paying attention to all these channels and you’re making the appropriate changes from budget to creative to retargeting, that’s how campaigns are successful today.

When you’re that halo, that top sunshine coming down. That could be television. Those rays go down on every single one of these channels. And your analytics change based on your media spend, too? I think we’ve definitely moved from a “be everywhere” strategy five or six years ago to a be where you can be most effective strategy, right?

So I think it’s better to be in fewer channels and do them well than to try to be everywhere. So once you get into channels and you get them working for you and optimize them to their fullest, then you can layer in new channels with all the learnings you have from the existing channels that you’ve kind of perfected. When we first started this conversation, we were thinking that kind of the larger, more traditional companies had a harder time maybe getting into the nitty gritty of all the digital analytics and such. We thought maybe the smaller companies were doing a better job.

The reality is, the more we thought about it and really looked at our clients, both sides of that coin have positives and negatives, things they do really well and things they need to do better at. And I think the big question is, and where we help clients most, is where do they meet in the middle?

What do these big traditional advertisers do really well and what do they not do well? And how can we help exactly? How can we help bring this kind of bottom of the funnel thinking up to the traditional brands and vice versa?

How can we help these guys that are growing natively? They need more eyeball eyeballs. They can only scale to a certain point, and they need to bring more eyeballs in. And so, there’s an example specifically, we had a meeting with one of our big brand clients, and they are what they do is they get stuck in their little silos of what their businesses are. And they look at as as advertising kind of as a big sweep. But then when we start talking about layering in content, layering in email marketing, layering in YouTube marketing, you can just see that that’s just not something they’re used to.

They measured TV in this silo and Amazon’s over here in this silo, and they don’t compare what happens when TV is layered on what happens to Amazon to each other. They each are responsible for their own channels. And it’s just so much more comprehensive than that in today’s world.

Right. Something you may see in digital that’s not working very well when you add television to it works really well. So, you have to manipulate those and analytics. And when you’re not doing television, there are certain social channels that work better than the others.

You have to move budget from one channel to the next. It all depends on where the rain is starting from and how you navigate all the channels from there. The bottom line for return on investment in performance marketing is going to depend on how well you can do all these things, right?

I mean, it’s we all know this to be true, but very few companies are executing across all these channels. We know from being in the trenches it’s commonly said, but not commonly practiced. That’s the difference.




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