DTC Marketing – Top 5 Key Takeaways for DRTV Success

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Insights, Direct to Consumer, Featured Content

There are five key takeaways that you must be implementing to create a successful direct to consumer campaign. The first one is, you must be solving a problem for your consumer. What is the problem that your product can solve? What can it do uniquely outside of the competition? And then lean into that. The best and most successful direct to consumer campaigns that we’ve worked on over the last 35 years are products and services that solve a specific problem, a pain point that consumers have.

Number two, who exactly are you marketing to make sure you absolutely nail that? Who is going to be interested in your product? Who is it that is going to buy your product? Know who they are. Are they male? Are they female? Are they young? Are they old? You can make your message exactly for them. Lean into that and specifically nail that, and then you can go wider.

Number three, test creative and test price points. Test them, prove them out. Find out what’s successful and refine them and refine them and refine them. Find out exactly the price point, exactly the offer. Get that right first, and at that point you really lean in to expanding your marketing.

Number four, prioritize the channels where your customer is going to be. We all know that the customers are fragmented today more than ever, but there are going to be five or six channels where that person or persons are going to be where they spend their time and where they’re gonna see your product and service. When you figure that out, that’s where you wanna market first and then expand out. Make your marketing contextual to the platform of the channel that they’re in. You do that along with refining your offer, understanding who your audience is. You’ve taken so much learning outta the equation that you can start with a headstart instead of fumbling through and trying to find out what works and spending a lot of money. Do that intelligently from the beginning and your scaling can happen faster.

And number five, have a very specific retargeting and content strategy. No time ever has it been more important to do that. There are so many looky-loos there, but although there’s so many potential customers that will come to a website based on the marketing that you put out there, and they may do one of the few things they may buy, they may get there really quickly, go to an offer and say, that’s not for them, and they’re gone. But you have to find a sophisticated mechanism how to get back to those people. With retargeting, we always say that, you know, there’s diamonds in the rough, there’s the easy diamonds on top that are people that are going to go to your website and buy, but there’s a lot of people under the surface a little bit, and you need to get to ’em. That’s an SMS text, email flows, strategies to get back to the people that showed interest at one time, and that really is where the gold is.

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