Direct Marketing agencies Script to Screen (STS) and M2 Marketing and Management Services (M2) are delighted to announce that their client, Gwynnie Bee, was recently awarded the prestigious 2017 Adsphere™ Award for Best Infomercial – Miscellaneous. The award was presented by DRMetrix at the recent Response Expo in San Diego. Additionally, Gwynnie Bee and Script to Screen have been honored by Jordan Whitney with the 2017 Greensheet Award for Best Fashion Infomercial.Since launching the infomercial in July 2016, Gwynnie Bee has continued to expand their TV media presence, seeing an overall lift across all of their marketing channels from television. They have consistently been ranked on the Infomercial Monitoring Services Top 100 since August 2016, recently reaching as high as #17.

Founded by Christine Hunsicker, Gwynnie Bee is a plus size clothing rental service for sizes 10-32, featuring over 150 brands available on a “wear and return” basis, for a monthly fee. The online concept caught on quickly, as women enjoy wearing fashionable dresses, jeans, jumpers, skirts, blouses and more, worth thousands of dollars, for a fraction of the price each month.

“We are delighted with the success that this ongoing campaign has achieved so far, and congratulate Gwynnie Bee on being honored with these awards,” said STS co-founder and CEO Barbara Kerry. “Because of the interactive nature of her business, Christine already knew her customer very well which helped us build a well-targeted and compelling show, and along with M2, build an effective campaign.”

About Script to Screen

Established in 1986, Script to Screen is an industry-leading Integrated Direct Response Agency, delivering a single, end-to-end solution for direct-to-consumer sales, lead generation, web traffic and conversions, and retail lift. Specializing in a strategic combination of cost-effective customer acquisition and brand building, Script to Screen has successfully collaborated with entrepreneurs and big brands alike to expand revenue channels and build businesses. Clients such as Bare Escentuals, Beachbody, Bose, Comcast, Conair, Esteé Lauder, Guthy-Renker, Hairmax, Lifelock, L’Oreal, Nescafé, Nutrisystem, philosophy, Omaha Steaks, SharkNinja, Tria Beauty are among the major companies that have turned to Script to Screen for the production of their DRTV campaigns.

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Established in 1999, M2 Marketing and Management Services is a Direct Marketing Agency headquartered in Orange County, California. M2 Marketing and Management Services offers a complete solution to create, manage, and support virtually every aspect of your Direct Marketing campaign. Whether new to the industry and need expert guidance on offer development, financial modeling, call centers, TV media, digital media, social media, performance analytics, fulfillment, online services, or just choose not to devote valuable internal resources to this intricate and time consuming process, M2 will become your DRTV marketing and management division.

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