Adams Golf

  • Client: Adams Golf
  • Product: Tight Lies Fairway Wood
  • Price Point: $159.95
  • Hosts: Jack Whitaker, Bill Rogers and Hank Haney
  • Objectives: To introduce the Tight Lies Fairway Wood on television; to work as an independent profit center; to gain retail distribution, and to drive pull-through demand at retail.


To the golfing elite, Adams Golf has long been known as a premier golf club manufacturer of precision custom clubs. Relatively few golfers had ever heard of Adams Golf in the shadow of the massive golfing giants, but many Adams Golf devotees consider that a strong point and a secret weapon on the course. Adams Golf built a powerful word-of-mouth reputation among golfers who have been fortunate enough to use their clubs. With the introduction of the International Network of Golf’s undisputed “Breakthrough Product of the Year,” the legend of Adams Golf became available to the golfing masses through the Tight Lies infomercial. To launch what would prove to be the most innovative golf product since the 1994 introduction of the alien Wedge, Adams Golf came to Script to Screen to produce an infomercial that would successfully introduce the Tight Lies in the television arena, generate product interest, create brand awareness, develop a customer database, and drive retail sales.

Debuting in April 1997, the Tight Lies infomercial successfully rolled out nationally. Over 1.5 million clubs were sold, and the infomercial won several industry awards, including the ERA Best Demonstration infomercial and Jordan Whitney Best Sports Product infomercial.

  • Grew from $2m to over $100m in annual sales in 18 months
  • Grew to No. 1 market share position in product category
  • Over 1.5 million units sold


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