• Client: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
  • Product: Dremel Digital Rotary Tool
  • Price Point: $120
  • Objectives: To create an infomercial to work as a front-end profit center, and drive pull-through demand.


Dremel, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, utilized an infomercial, produced by Script to Screen, to introduce the Dremel Rotary Tool.

Not only did the infomercial create a front-end profit center for the client, it also grew retail sales by over thirty percent.

The Dremel Digital Rotary Tool infomercial won the 2001 Joey award for Best Infomercial.

The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation  hired Script to Screen to produce several sequel infomercials. All were independent profit centers, and instrumental in driving retail pull-through demand.

  • 2001 Joey Award for Best Infomercial
  • Generated front-end profit center
  • Grew retail sales over thirty percent

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