GMC Suburban, Yukon and Yukon Denali


  • Client: General Motors, GMC Division
  • Products: Suburban, Yukon and Yukon Denali
  • Objectives: Create an infomercial that educates the consumer about GMC products, and introduces the new Yukon Denali to them prior to visiting the dealership.

Everybody loves a hero and there’s nothing like a success story to capture the imagination. Script to Screen’s use of storytelling and beautiful cinematography related the facts about GMC’s three SUV’s in an interesting and imaginative format.

Beautifully filmed on location in city and rural settings, the video featured the stories of three real life American heroes: two-time Olympian Bob Molinatti, who overcame tremendous obstacles after becoming a paraplegic through an unfortunate accident; America’s Cup champion, Gary Jobson; and champion horse trainer, Sandy Collier. They each owned a GMC SUV and they provided strong testimonials to the product’s practicality, reliability, safety, and the role these vehicles played in their lives.

The infomercial successfully created a more educated consumer at retail level, which in turn provided tremendous assistance to the dealers. It was so successful that GMC adopted this format to promote additional brands.

  • Successful in creating a more educated customer at retail
  • Format adopted to promote additional brands

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