• Client: TriStar Products, Inc.
  • Product: Living Well with Montel HealthMaster
  • Price Point: $150—$200
  • Objectives: To create a platform for the Living Well with Montel brand to introduce its products, create an independent profit center and to establish sell-in and pull-through demand at large retail and Home Shopping channels of distribution.

The Montel Living Well HealthMaster™ infomercial campaign was developed to introduce the Montel Williams’ Living Well with Montel brand of consumer products to the worldwide marketplace. Following the overwhelming success of the first HealthMaster show, the sequel rolled out in January 2010.

The creative strategy was to leverage Montel Williams’ experience and exposure as a successful Talk Show host, and transfer that to a format of introducing new products that fall under the Living Well umbrella.

The HealthMaster infomercial was designed to combine the best elements of a successful Talk Show with proven direct response strategies for a successful infomercial. We believe this campaign has created the prefect hybrid of both.

To date, the show has run $25 million in media, reaching No. 4 on the IMS Media Rankings. Since its introduction, the show has surpassed $120 million in revenue. During its first week on QVC, it sold over $3 million in product and it has successfully gained placement at department stores such as Macy’s.

Beyond clearly meeting its quantifiable goals and objectives, it more importantly successfully introduced the Living Well with Montel brand that has lead to multiple product and brand extension.

  • Generated over $125 million in revenue
  • 2010 Housewares Infomercial of the Year
  • Ranked No. 4 on the IMS and Jordan Whitney Reports

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