• Client: Investools, Inc.
  • Product: Investools Investor Education Program
  • Objectives: To introduce the Investools Education Program to the public, to motivate viewers to call and register for a free live event, and to expand the category as a whole.

In early 2004, the Investools company employed Script to Screen to produce an infomercial to help broaden awareness of its Investor Education Program.

The infomercial, which was hosted by Pat Murphy-Stark, consisted of clips of live events, where attendees learn about the opportunities that may be available to them by applying the Investools system when investing in stocks and mutual funds. It also contained interviews with Investools’ CEO Lee K. Barba, as well as several program participants, who had experienced phenomenal financial success by applying the Investools’ system.

After testing successfully, the Investools infomercial rolled out nationally, and in one year contributed to doubling the company’s revenue from $100 million to over $250 million. Script to Screen  produced several follow-up infomercials and short form spots, continuing the success of this DRTV campaign.

  • Grew revenue 150% in first year that infomercial aired
  • Grew stock price 400% in one year
  • Acquired June 2009 by TD Ameritrade for over $600 million

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