Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson


  • Client: Bubi & Babe Exercise, Inc.
  • Product: Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson
  • Price Point: $90
  • Objectives: To establish an independent profit center and drive retail sales.

The Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis infomercial was launched in January 2011.

The goals of the infomercial were to establish an independent profit center and drive retail sales at QVC, DRTV, and international distribution centers.

After a hugely successful launch and test, the show rolled out nationally, and  reached  No. 19 on the IMS Top 100 Media Ranking Chart.

A key creative element of the infomercial is the extraordinary association with Hollywood celebrities, such as Courtney Cox, Molly Sims, Kristin Davis and Gwyneth Paltrow, who is featured as a testimonial in the infomercial—Tracy being Gwyneth’s personal trainer.

  • Winner 2011 ERA Award for Best Intellectual Property Infomercial
  • Reached No. 19 on IMS Top 100

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