NordicTrack Cross Country Skier


  • Client: NordicTrack, Inc.
  • Product: Cross Country Skier
  • Price Point: $349—$1,499
  • Objectives: Lead Generation

NordicTrack’s infomercial for its “Skier” wasn’t a collage of sweating young bodies glued together by sexy music and mood lighting. In this storymercial, NordicTrack’s first, there was in fact, nary a teenage thigh to be seen!

Rather, it was the tale of how two average people effect a change in their health, when they are compelled by a fitness consultant to give a NordicTrack ski exerciser a try. In the course of the story, the benefits of the machines were explained through demonstration, testimonials, and comparisons with other exercise machines.

Said Greg Laco, who was group marketing director for NordicTrack in charge of the project, “The strategy was to hook the viewer with a story that accentuates NordicTrack’s key point of differentiation, which is very capable telemarketers who will help the caller make the right decision about exercise.” The storymercial format was Script to Screen’s idea. “Script to Screen gave us a unique story that was not purely fictional. It was based in fact,” says Laco. The show built up the brand image through numerous references to NordicTrack’s quality, durability, precise engineering, and customer service.

  • Grew to No. 1 market share within category
  • Grew annual revenues from $17 million to over $500 million

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