Oreck Air Purifier


  • Client: Oreck Direct
  • Product: Oreck Professional Air Purifier
  • Price Point: $350
  • Host: David Oreck
  • Objectives: Create an infomercial to work as a front-end profit center and drive pull-through demand.

The Oreck Professional Air Purifier infomercial followed on the heels of the very successful Oreck XL vacuum infomercial.

For this new show, Script to Screen decided to stick with the already proven format of drawing upon David Oreck’s down-home charm and unique presentation skills, that had proved so successful in the vacuum infomercial.

The result was a show that tested successfully in November 2003 with a MER of over 7:1, and in the ensuing months increased retail sales over seventy-five percent.

The front-end profitability of the Oreck Professional Air Purifier infomercial was exceptional due to its outstanding retail distribution.

  • Generated over $200 million in revenue
  • Tested successfully generating a media efficiency ratio of over 7:1
  • Ranked No. 1 in the IIMS and Jordan Whitney Reports

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