• Client: Pfizer
  • Product: Pfizer Family of Cox-2 Inhibitor Drugs
  • Price Point: Lead Generation
  • Objectives: The primary objectives of the Pfizer infomercial were to educate potential patients of the merits of Pfizer’s family of Cox-2 inhibitor drugs, to encourage them to call the 800# to get more information, and to have the patient ask their doctors for a prescription to try the drugs.

In 2004, Pfizer, the world’s leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing prescription medicines for humans and animals, hired Script to Screen to produced an infomercial to educate the public about Pfizer’s Cox-2 inhibitor drugs, specifically their Celebrex and Bextra brands. The objective of the infomercial was to educate viewers and encourage them to call the 800# to get more information. Secondly, once they received the information, they would inquire about the medicine with their doctors and ultimately get a prescription.

The On The Road to Joint Pain Relief infomercial successfully opened the door to a new category of marketers. Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company’s success with the format “gave permission,” and encouraged other credible drug companies to use the format to educate potential consumers.

The infomercial was an extraordinary production accomplishment because of the vast shooting schedules in locations such as New York, New Orleans, Kansas, Washington State, and California. More importantly, the infomercial successfully met and surpassed the substantial objectives provided by the client, and is now a tool that Pfizer has incorporated into their marketing mix. The client spent over $10 million in media to support this marketing initiative. Also, the infomercial reached No. 40 on the Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS) Report Top 100.

  • $10 million in media spent to support this marketing initiative

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