• Client: TaylorMade/Bozell Worldwide
  • Product: TM Burner Bubble Drivers and Irons
  • Objectives: To introduce TaylorMade Burner Bubble Irons in conjunction with other products, including Burner Bubble Drivers, Titanium Drivers, and Metal Woods; to present the offer as a lead generator designed to drive retail sales.

The TaylorMade Golf Company is no stranger to legendary performances. In the ultra-competitive sport of television advertising, TaylorMade and Bozell Worldwide turned to Script to Screen to build an infomercial legend of their own.

The TaylorMade Burner Bubble Monster Hole Challenge infomercial stands as a living testament to how legends are born.

The Monster Hole Challenge, hosted by PGA professional and golf commentator Gary McCord, featured a treacherous challenge for four amateur golfers. Playing on a specially-prepared hole, the challengers tried difficult shots with TaylorMade Burner Bubble clubs in a face-off with a variety of other brand golf clubs. As the amateurs are embroiled in the challenge, we hear from PGA golfing professionals who all attest to the fact that the TaylorMade Burner Bubble has literally made them better golfers.

Debuting nationally during The Masters, TaylorMade’s Monster Hole Challenge immediately became an astounding success, and secured a place in the record books as one of the most highly rated infomercial airings in history.

  • 7.6% Nielsen Rating—the highest ever for an infomercial

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