• Client: Temp-tations, LLC
  • Product: 20-pc Carved Old World™ stoneware
  • Price Point: $99.90
  • Objectives: Create an infomercial to work as a front-end profit center, improve average transaction price compared to QVC and build
    a “collectible” business on the backend.

The temp-tations® infomercial campaign was developed to expand their customer reach beyond QVC, increase their sales order size, and introduce a new and unique concept of one-dish cooking to a wider audience.

When Tara McConnell was growing up, her Mom cooked all the family meals, and Tara would do the dishes. As an adult, Tara thought there’s got to be a simpler way to cook with less clean up. So she literally pulled everything that she used to cook with out of her Mom’s kitchen cabinets and asked “how can we simplify this?” That inspired Tara to create the beautifully designed, multi-purpose, all-temperature, nonstick, oven-to-table stoneware that can prep, cook, serve, store and reheat meals in one dish, creating a beautiful table that makes dinnertime with your family even more special.

Script to Screen produced temp-tations’ first infomercial by leveraging their best practices and messaging from QVC. The show launched in September 2011, and
was hosted by seasoned DRTV host Terri Ouellette and co-hosted by Tara McConnell, temp-tations’ creator, designer and spokesperson. By sticking with the process of testing many different offers and tweaking the creative, temp-tations was able to achieve more than 300% improvement from the initial test to reach all of their goals, and roll out nationally.

  • Finalist 2012 ERA Best Housewares Infomercial
  • Ranked No. 31 in the IMS Report
  • Consistently performed above their break-even Media Efficiency Ratio

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