The Euro-Pro Shark Rotator Lift-Away® Vacuum


  • Client: Euro-Pro Corporation
  • Product: Shark Rotator Lift-Away® Vacuum
  • Price Point: $199
  • Objectives: To create product awareness and exposure for the superiority of the Shark Rotator, and to drive retail sales.

The primary goal in producing the Shark Rotator Lift-Away infomercial was to create product awareness and exposure for the superiority of the Shark Rotator with an initial “compare and save” strategy, highlighting previously unavailable features that put the Shark Rotator ahead of the competition.
The infomercial achieves this with an attention-grabbing opening gag that parodies a snooty British gentleman, believable direct comparisons to the market competition, demo after demo of the Shark Rotator’s superiority, and authentic talent who delivers the message with confident enthusiasm.
Bold animation and graphics communicate the features and benefits of the product – the graphics are beautiful and brilliantly composited for maximum effect.  Above-par production value instantly corresponds to a higher perceived product value; the show looks professional, and emotionally connects immediate credibility and superior quality to the product.
George Fettig, Euro-Pro’s Chief Marketing Officer quotes: “The Rotator campaign was an enormous hit in all respects . . . in fact, it is the most successful introduction since the Shark Steam Mop.  Shark vacuums quickly captured 12% of the entire vacuum category in the United States with 100% retail distribution at all major accounts.”
The Shark Rotator infomercial which launched in October 2012, consistently ranks in the Top 10 of the IMS Top 100 chart.

  • Most successful introduction of a new product for Euro-Pro
  • Generated 100% retail distribution at all major accounts
  • Reached No. 4  on the IMS Top 100

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