The Euro-Pro Stick Shark


  • Client: Euro-Pro Corporation
  • Product: Stick Shark
  • Price Point: $80
  • Objectives: To introduce the Stick Shark Vacuum on television; to work as an independent profit center; to gain retail distribution, and to drive pull-through demand at retail.

The Euro-Pro Corporation had successfully advertised the company’s products on HSN for a number of years. Because of this success, Script to Screen designed the creative for the Stick Shark infomercial to resemble the successful HSN demonstration.

To host the show, Script to Screen hired Maddy Press, a veteran TV actress, who had hosted several successful infomercials on HSN and QVC. Her energy, and sincere enthusiasm for the product, were a perfect match for Mark Rosenzweig’s expert presentation skills.

The Stick Shark infomercial tested successfully in November 2001 and rolled out nationally. It was one of the most successful floor care infomercials that year, and was instrumental in establishing Euro-Pro as one of the fastest growing housewares companies in the world, growing revenues to over $200 million.

  • One million units sold
  • Consistently ranked in the IMS Top 25

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