Razor Griddle – Infomercial, Long-Form

Achieving Remarkable Success

This commercial stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Not only did it meet our client’s objectives, but it also outperformed the last commercial produced by one of our competitors. This accomplishment underscores the effectiveness and superiority of our work.

Our Distinctive Creative Process

Our approach to this commercial was underpinned by a braintrust of several key players, combined with our decades of DRTV experience. This unique blend of collaboration and expertise ensures that our commercials stand out and resonate with audiences.

The Power of Longform Commercials

Potential clients often ask why they should invest in longform commercials. The answer is clear: the longer the soak time, the higher the acquisition and conversion rates. Our clients have consistently experienced direct benefits from running longform commercials with us, and we’re confident new clients can expect the same outstanding results.

Choose us for your next commercial project and experience the difference firsthand.

Show Video Transcript

The following is a paid advertisement for the Neuro Q doctor developed brain care supplement coming up. We have special, interactive brain challenges you can do right now watching tv, but first, as we all age, there can be a natural decline in mental performance. You may have already noticed an occasional slip in your memory. Perhaps you’re just not feeling as sharp as you used to.

My brain doesn’t work like it used to when I was working.

I can’t find the words to, to finish a sentence or I’m trying to get a thought across, and I can’t find the right way to say it.

I’m 65 and words are starting to flit away from me. Sometimes I can’t grab that word that I want. I didn’t even know I was dealing with confidence issues. But you can, when you feel like your memory is fading, think about everything you wanna accomplish with your family, career, and health. Your future can be exciting. That’s if you take care of your brain. Introducing Neuro Q, the multi action brain care supplement developed by one of the world’s leading brain doctors. Neuro Q contains a key ingredient clinically shown to influence brain performance in as little as seven days and within just two months. A combination of ingredients found in Neuro Q has been shown to help improve memory focus and concentration. I would say within

A week’s time, I was able to think clearer was the first thing. I can see that there is an improvement just in the tasks I have to do around the house. Neuro cue is something that can provide you that brain health today as well as into the future and keep you sharp, keep you active, keep you feeling young, keep you with your memories intact

Already. Know that you want to help improve your memory, focus and concentration. Then why wait. Try Neuro Q at our lowest price ever. Demand has been overwhelming. So go online or open up your phone and scan this code to order now while supplies last.

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