Veteran DRTV Agency Created and Executed Long-Form and Mid-Form Television Commercials for Groundbreaking Model

“Our DTC ads bring home the benefits of the vacuum’s triple filtration technology which easily handles dirt, dust, and allergens without fuss or strong effort from its satisfied users.”


Script to Screen, a performance-driven marketing agency with 30 years of experience as the market leader assisting some of the most well-known products and brands, such as Amazon, SharkNinja, Keurig, and Nutrisystem, in building and optimizing their direct-to-consumer channel, has launched several spots of varying lengths for Cleva’s new Kenmore Intuition, an upright vacuum with a patented allergen seal bag and no-touch, push and release dirt-and dust-free disposal.

Cleva engaged Script to Screen due to their creative storytelling approach and track record of incomparable performance in the category. The new ads demonstrate the powerful suction and triple filtration technology that pulls dirt into the allergen seal bag. Cleva is successfully running both Full Break three-minute and Long-Form infomercial length versions. M2 Management and Marketing Services is overseeing and providing analytics for the television campaign rollout.

The commercials highlight the exclusive powerful technology of the vacuum that pulls dirt and dust quickly and without mess into the vacuum. They demonstrate the ease at which users dispose of the full bags without ever having to get their hands dirty or being exposed to any dust plumes.

The new ads feature happy Kenmore Intuition users touting the benefits of the vacuum including its power and lightness. They also demonstrate the ease at which the bag jettisons from the body of the vacuum when it’s time to dispose of the debris. The ads also feature the model’s HEPA filtration action and the fact that the vacuum allows for everything inside the disposal bag to stay inside until it’s time to be tossed away.

Direct Response agency Script to Screen’s creative also shows users avoiding the dust plumes and dirt bombs that result from most vacuum bags, and how easily the Kenmore Intuition avoids all of this mess. The Kenmore Intuition cleans multiple floor surfaces in one usage. The commercials show a family with four children and two kittens delighting in the extraordinary benefits that the vacuum provides.

“The Kenmore Intuition’s varied and revolutionary features required us to develop a campaign that was able to strongly portray the ease at which it handles dust and dirt without debris falling out of the bag and dirtying the user and his/her home,” said Ken Kerry, Co-founder and Executive Creative/Strategy Director of Script to Screen. “Our DTC ads bring home the benefits of the vacuum’s triple filtration technology which easily handles dirt, dust, and allergens without fuss or strong effort from its satisfied users. This campaign was particularly challenging because of the current market competition of almost exclusively bagless vacuums. In order to take on this reality, our creative and production teams devised an in-home challenge where we emptied up to 3 full bagless dust containers from competitive brands onto the floor and showed them how the Kenmore Intuition could quickly and completely pick up all contents of all 3 containers with just 1 Intuition bag. Seeing is believing and this demonstration was a big driver as to the Intuition’s superiority over all bagless competitors.”

The ads also emphasize the TV-only savings offer.

About Script to Screen

Established in 1986, Script to Screen is an industry-leading Integrated Direct Response Agency, delivering a single, end-to-end solution for Direct-to-Consumer sales, lead generation, web traffic and conversions, and retail lift. Specializing in a strategic combination of cost-effective customer acquisition and brand building, Script to Screen has successfully collaborated with entrepreneurs and big brands alike to expand revenue channels and build businesses. Clients such as AAA, Amazon, Bare Escentuals, Beachbody, Blink, Bose, Church & Dwight, Cleva, Comcast, Conair, Ehealthinsurance, Esteé Lauder, Generac, Guthy-Renker, Hoover, Keurig, LifeLock, L’Oréal, Nescafé, Netspend, Nugenix, Nutrisystem, Omaha Steaks, philosophy, SharkNinja, Snow Joe, SoClean, Tria Beauty, Pfizer, and Wahl are among the major companies that have turned to Script to Screen for creative strategy, messaging and production in all channels both offline and online of their DRTV campaigns.

About Cleva

Cleva North America, Inc. offers a dependable portfolio of innovative brands including Vacmaster®, Vacmaster Professional®, Duravac™, Armor All™, and LawnMaster®. With more than 15 years’ experience in engineering and motor technology, Cleva incorporates the latest processes and highest standards for engineering, design and production. The result is high-quality products with exceptional performance and durability.

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