See How to Maintain Your ROI in Challenging Times

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Insights, Direct to Consumer, Featured Content

Watch this short video: See what the data says about ROI and understand how cutting your budgets is a recipe for long-term failure. Data doesn’t lie!


Hi everyone. My name is Alex Dinsmoor. I’m the Chief Strategy Officer over here at Script to Screen. And we love data here at Script to Screen, even though we’re creative people. We try to use data as much as possible to inform our creative decisions, but also to support what we’re doing as performance marketers. it’s exciting to see that there was a new report that came out from small business data analytics partners and their ROI genome platform. That really is interesting as many brands are struggling with what to do as if we’re heading into recession or what do we do at uncertain times, cutting your budgets is a recipe for long term failure. That’s clearly one of the topics that they talk about in this report, and we’ll include a link to this.


You can download the full report, a great report that it full of amazing information. And this was built on over 20 years of data and information of thousands of brands, hundreds of billions, of dollars in ad spent and really a global footprint of data that’s coming in. And so I wanted to talk a little bit about that. The first thing that we found in reading this report was that even though you’re going into uncertain times, the data suggests that brands that reduce their spending during these times suffer tremendous market share losses versus those that do not decrease their spending or actually increase their spending. So as hard as it might be to try and play offense during this time, you can’t really go into your shell and decide, okay, we’re just going to play defense and, and we’re not going to do anything because the, the short term and long term effects are really going to be dramatic for your product or your brand.


So, that was the overarching takeaway is that you cannot stop spending during these times. And there’s actually a tremendous opportunity if you can continue with your efforts and kind of drive through this time and not only get customers in the short term, but they will clearly become longer term customers. Other findings in this report were video and traditional television, linear television tend to be more impactful over time. So even though there’s this drive to a paid search and lower funnel activities, we’re just finding that the video and even linear TV, because 30% of paid search clicks are coming from other marketing and linear TV is shown as the main part of that 30%. So again, TV and video are continuing to be the most impactful medium.


Even though there might be a temptation to move further down the sales funnel, you certainly want to continue to invest in those strategies. Now, one of my favorite parts of this report, and certainly it’s somewhat self-serving, because we’re a creative group, is that it’s showing over the last 20 years, that two thirds of the impact of a TV video campaign is based on the quality of your creative. So only one third is based on the execution of that creative. So that’s certainly going to be targeting and media buying and everything that goes into how you’re deploying your media, but without having the right creative, that’s the right quality. You have a significant risk of not getting to that budget or that media budget. So we talked to a lot of clients that certainly somewhat short change creative on the front. They say, well, we’ve got our budget, but we want to save as much of that for media as possible. And, and we certainly get that, but this report certainly underscores the fact that if you don’t have the right creative, if you don’t have quality creative, then you are really going to lose the impact of whatever that media spend might be and having the frequency and the reach isn’t really good media.

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