Sequential Creative Messaging: Is this the future of brand/product storytelling?

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Watch this short video to learn more about this exciting creative tactic and why it should be part of your strategy.


We as storytellers are always looking for ways to share more with customers, how do we take a brand or a product or service and explain the unique selling proposition. The more you’re able to share with a consumer, the more you can really dig into them and, and get them interested and certainly drive more conversions. And that that’s what we’re all about is ROI focused, content strategies. And so with the rise of connected TV and more programmatic buying, we do have the ability to target people on a more individual basis, and we can have more contextual creative. And, and we now have the tools to be able to tell that story over a series of creatives. Now, our clients are, and you guys are already doing that in digital, through your remarketing and your retarding strategies. You know, people have been to your site, have seen something. So then you feed them some other information. And you’re of course, trying to move them further down the sales fund. And so that’s essentially what we’re doing with our sequential creative messaging.


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We’re able to tell our story over period of time. So in connected TV, we’ve got 32nd spots or you could potentially do it in 15 second spots, but that’s, you know, it’s tough. Again. We, we want to get as much information across as possible. So, as you know, with, with connected TV, you have to get in there, you have to have a good initial creative that’s going to get people interested. And so the programmatic buying, we can find the audience and you can hone in on who your target customers are. The whole process of the media learning can take place, but once you’ve found that audience, then you can start feeding them different messages. We know who’s seen what who’s been fed, what ad. So, over a particular period of time, you can basically parse it out and say, okay, we know they’ve seen the initial ad, then maybe they’ve seen the next ad.


and then the third one. And of course, you know, you’re providing opportunities for them to go and convert and do whatever we want them to do still very much, you know, trying to get them to take an action, but we know that we have a lot to say, and so we want to overcome objections or what, whatever that might be, but we can essentially take people down this sales process and do what we’ve been doing in longer format video, uh, for decades. But now we can leverage the power of the targeting and also, you know, provide this more unique messaging that comes across as much more personal to the viewer because we are essentially acknowledging the fact that they’ve seen this previous spot. So they will feel like, okay, we’re being taken down this path and, and we’re getting something almost special for them because they, they know that they’re already, uh, that, that they’re already interested in things. So, you know, one of the, the examples we’ll share with you, and again, there there’s links here that will provide to you is, is, uh, what we’ve done for our banjo minnow fishing client.


Here’s what Phish see, here’s what banjo users see. There we go along. Oh yeah. See for yourself, buy banjo, And that’s not all here’s what other lures feel like? Here’s what the banjo minnow feels like. Feel for yourself. And that’s not all here’s what skeptics say, is it gonna catch you fish? Here’s what banjo users say?


I Just keep catching fish, sizable fish,


Hear more at and that’s not all, don’t be the angler with the smallest dink, catch yourself a big hog. How about that shop on the way home another bass on that banjo minnow, oh, I’m hype


There are just so many compelling aspects to sequential, creative and, and reasons to, to try it as part of your marketing mix, again, as, as you go more into connected TV, which certainly that’s what people are talking about. And it’s, it’s where the momentum is going.  We would recommend that you, you try this strategy and it’s something that we’ve been doing for our clients and finding good success. And we’re certainly happy to, you know, to work with you guys. If you have any questions about it, you can reach out to me. My information’s here in the newsletter, in the email, we’ll continue to share our thoughts and our information and any sort of case studies we have from our clients. But, you know, check out the sequential, creative, and hope we can help you guys in the future.


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