The Alchemy of Collaboration

It’s a process we have. It’s a methodology that’s unique to us, we’ve developed and refined it over the past almost 30 years, it works, so we keep doing it.

Put simply, we start by listening. Really really hard. We let you tell us about your product or service, what you believe the key selling points are, what message you’d like to get across, what goals you have for a direct response campaign.

Our version of a SWOT analysis. What’s on the air already that’s similar to your offer? How can we be different (and of course, better)? How can we best position your USPs? What key messaging will resonate with your target market? How best to create urgency and compel action?

Then, our seasoned creative team of producers, directors, writers and more, knock heads in a classic brainstorming until we’ve got a show concept we all love-and you love.

The process continues through a series of creative briefs, show outlines, and scripts, with your input at each stage. In the end, we’ve got a script that aligns all the essential components into a critical mass that explodes with energy and inspires viewer action.

Winning attracts winners.
Go figure.

It just makes sense. When you establish a record in the industry for producing innovative, compelling, and award-winning (not to mention financially successful) shows, more and more of the top professionals in the business want to work with you. That’s the fortunate position we’re in; and that’s why we’re able to attract and dedicate all-star creative minds to every stage of your campaign.

Keeping all eyes
on the prize.

Every single scripted word is written with one goal in mind: to trigger a call, or a click. Your product or service is the Hero of the story, and the happy ending is when a viewer gets off the couch and places an order.

The creative and marketing professionals at Script to Screen understand not just the crucial direct marketing funda...

Elliott Segal, Senior Vice President, International Production, Guthy-Renker

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