How many stars you got?

Mobile platform. Social presence. Product reviews. Search optimization. Content marketing. Is this part of the DRTV equation?

Oh, yeah. Without a doubt.

These days, viewers consume TV anywhere and everywhere. More importantly, they do their research (product reviews, price comparisons) and buy that way, too. So, we feel it’s absolutely critical to create a robust digital component as part of your over-arching DRTV strategy. To overlook this aspect is to leave money on the table. Probably lots of it.

Here today,
Where Tomorrow

The virtual world is in hyper-evolutionary mode. Change is the only constant. New players enter the game, while others vanish into irrelevance (still got that MySpace account?). To properly leverage the serious potential of digital DR, you need… well, a geek. A highly professional, knowledgeable, number-crunching, webhead who breathes virtual air all day long and can spin inter-connections faster than Spiderman.

With every passing day, the digital arena becomes a more critical—and more complex—cog in your overall DRTV campaign. In the right hands, the results can be exponential.

The creative and marketing professionals at Script to Screen understand not just the crucial direct marketing funda...

Elliott Segal, Senior Vice President, International Production, Guthy-Renker

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