Media Management

Media Management

Take the Err Out of Airings

Just as your creative strategy needs to be customized to your offer and target market, so too does your media strategy. Is your show best suited for national cable, local broadcast, or a strategic mix? Day parts? Late night? These kinds of decisions are too important—and too expensive—to rely on guesswork or intuition. The key to success is a meticulously managed testing and roll-out protocol. Let the results lead the way. The smart, experienced management of a well-planned and strongly executed media strategy can be the linchpin of your DRTV campaign.

Only Tests Will Tell

Part of your DRTV campaign’s overall strategy may (and probably will) involve test offers. Different premiums, different price points, different product mix, etc. Effective management of these offers in a well-defined media campaign may do more to optimize your results than anything else, and can turn a mediocre performer into a long-running hit.

The creative and marketing professionals at Script to Screen understand not just the crucial direct marketing funda...

Elliott Segal, Senior Vice President, International Production, Guthy-Renker

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