Fact: The popular consumer review site, Yelp, gets 120 million unique visitors every month!

Why? Because people like to hear other people’s experiences before trying something themselves. That’s no secret; “testimonials” have been the heart and soul of direct response as long as advertising has existed.

That said, for testimonials to be effective they must be authentic, emotional, and engaging. There can be not a hint of contrivance. No faking. The viewer will smell a phony every time.

At Script to Screen, we focus enormous effort on recruiting, monitoring, and capturing the genuine, candid opinions and feelings of “regular people” supporting our clients’ products and/or services.


  • Enable consumers to imagine themselves enjoying the same results.
  • Provide visual and social proof of the claims.
  • Communicate on an emotional level.
  • Create excitement and an eagerness to take action.
  • Trigger the “Me too!” response.
  • Build brand trust.
  • Provide objective support of features and benefits.
  • Can be quick “sound bites,” or extended stories of personal transformation.

In the world of DR, the persuasive power of testimonials is well known. Tapping that potential, however, is a matter of execution. It’s not easy. But after nearly 3 decades of experience, we feel that no one does it better than we do. Watch what we mean in the video below.

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