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Exciting Results Underscore the Potential of “Mid” DRTV


For decades, DRTV advertising has come in two basic formats: “Short form,” either sixty seconds or two minutes in length; and half-hour (actually [28:30]) “Long form” shows.

Now, there’s “Midform,” and it’s creating exciting new opportunities to boost existing campaigns or even break into the marketplace for the first time.

As a rule, the Midform DRTV spot is five minutes in length (although running times of three and four minutes have also been tested). The five minute length allows enough time for the classic, proven infomercial structure:

a) Problem/solution
b) Testimonials
c) Features/benefits
d) Call to action
e) Repeat

All well and good, but does it work? According to Mercury Media, a media agency currently booking approximately 50% of all 5-minute airings, the results are definitive.

On average, the 5-minute format outperforms:

  • :60 spots by 32%
  • :120 spots by 21%
  • [3:00] spots by 15%
  • [4:00] spots by 18%

It’s clear that the extended length of Midform not only encourages call volume, but a better informed caller can also lead to improved conversion ratios. Either way, more sales.

Can Midform Work For You?

Does your target customer watch TV during the daytime? Or very late at night, into the early morning? Whenever they watch, you can reach them with a 5-minute spot, because inventory is available, and expanding.

Does your product require some explanation? The 5-minute format offers plenty of time to tell your complete story.

Is your product or service priced higher than is normally feasible for a short-form spot? A Midform show gives you the time you need to build a strong value proposition and justify your price point.

Have you had success in long-form programming within the past two years? A 5-minute show is a cost-effective way to re-energize the campaign and capture additional sales.

Are call-in leads more important to your business than online leads? Due to its length, a Midform format allows you to overcome caller reluctance and create a sense of urgency that compels a call.

Want to See Some Successful 5-Minute Spots?

The best way to understand the exciting potential of Midform advertising is to see them in action. Here are some recent and/or current spots produced by Script to Screen:

Ready to learn more about Midform DRTV? Give us a call!

Call Alex Dinsmoor, Chief Strategy Officer on 800-453-0003.

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