Top 5 Direct Response Predictions for 2019

by | Jan 4, 2019 | This Works Marketing

2019 is here, and with it comes change for many businesses. Direct response marketing is just one of them, if only because it has to adapt to the challenges of the direct to consumer businesses it is representing. Change is going to take many forms this year, from advances in technology, to prevailing market forces, so it’s imperative that you prepare for them. These are our predictions for the next year of direct response marketing.

Tariffs Will Shrink Margins

If you make a product that is made overseas, it is very likely your margins on that product are shrinking this year. Already, we’ve had several current and prospective clients tell us how difficult the tariffs are making their business. With some of the added costs having to be passed on to the consumer, it is more imperative than ever that your business has a direct relationship with your customers.

Video Will Become An Even More Important Marketing Tool Than Before, But Specialized

We all know how important video is in marketing a product. A well-produced video can be a game-changer, whether a product sells or not. This has become even more true, as internet video becomes more and more a regular part of people’s lifestyles. But you can’t be lazy about it. You can’t just create one video and place it everywhere. You can’t cut the same video into different lengths without thinking about the actual demographic, or even creating different videos for individual platforms without a unifying strategy. The best driver for sales will be videos created specifically for television, or Youtube, or Facebook, or wherever the video happens to go, but with a story that unites the videos into a master marketing plan and speaks to the specific viewing consumer segment.

Subscription Services Will Increase

It is estimated that orders for prepared meals delivered to homes will almost double in number over the next year. Previous case studies have shown that these kinds of businesses thrive with the performance marketing model. While a brand can be created using digital-only methods, the proven method to scale has time and time again been a 360 degree campaign that includes television. Selling something to customers once is great, but selling to them 12 times a year is even better — direct response is a key marketing tool for that.  

Video, In General, Will Continue To Improve In Quality. Yours Needs To Look Better To Stand Out.

As more and more people continue to get access to quality video production tools, it’s going to be harder to stand out from the pack. Your video production is going to need to look as professional as possible, with quality editing and animation, to distinguish your product from your competitors’.

Owning Your Customer And Marketing Data Is More Important Than Ever

Online retailers have incredibly granular information on your customer and their shopping habits. Why don’t you? One of the key benefits of a direct response campaign is that rather than your customer having a relationship with an online retailer, they have a relationship with you. You need to know who they are, and how to retarget to them to sell more of the kind of products that they want – yours!

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