The upsell is one of the core components of sales in general. It is the offer of another compatible product in addition to the original product, frequently with the promise of a discount if both are purchased. Upsells increase the average order value of a sale and can be the difference between profitability and non-profitability of a campaign.

In an infomercial, it is any product that is additionally offered to an infomercial product purchaser at the time of his or her initial order. For example, if the product was a razor, a product that might be included in the upsell would be a cleaning kit or shaving balm.

The upsell is an important part of an infomercial campaign, giving customers the opportunity to purchase another item that makes their initial purchase more useful to them. It also gives them a deeper view of a company’s product catalog, so a later purchase might happen as well.

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