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On April 28, 2022, Script to Screen, a Direct-to-Consumer agency, held a #ThoughtLeaderThursday webinar. Script to Screen Co-Founder, Ken Kerry, interviewed Bill Raymond, Executive VP and Managing Partner of Cannella Media DTC to discuss How to Build Your Brand with DTC Marketing.


  • The importance and impact of creative in marketing
  • How to target audiences through different channels
  • How to build lasting client relationships
  • How to efficiently manage a media budget

Our Guest

With more than 25 years of Direct-to-Consumer experience, Bill Raymond handles from the Los Angeles Metropolitan area top clients with multi-million-dollar media budgets. Through traditional linear, Advanced TV (ATV), and CPA inventory, Cannella Media DTC provides a way to deliver accountable performance and execution against a variety of KPI targets for all DTC initiatives through cross-channel media planning and buying, creative, and campaign management services, as well as exclusive access to its proprietary CPA platform. Cannella owns the largest television CPA network in the industry, reaching more than 110 million households.


For 35 years, Cannella Media DTC has helped marketers build brands through smart, transparent, and efficient video placement. They specialize in all media lengths; short-form, mid-form, long-form, and business objectives. In this interview, Bill discusses Cannella’s CPA network as well as their successes.

Ken said, “We couldn’t have asked for a guest more connected to what’s working optimally in today’s world of Advanced TV. Bill and Cannella Media DTC know that TV is not a dead medium, as some presume, and offer state-of-the-art networks and unrivaled expertise in the DTC space.  This Insider Interview will share Bill’s knowledge and secrets in practical and approachable terms.”

Ken asked Bill, “What are the unique ways Cannella Media is using with its clients to maximize its media dollars?  If you don’t have the right creative, the media makes no difference and the right media doesn’t work. You must have that message to drive a sale or an action so you can scale that media.” Bill said, “Cannella knows what media is working and what’s not. You must gauge the marketplace to understand exactly what’s going on.”

“What sets us apart from others is that we have a long-form TI platform that reaches 110 million households. The long-form platform is based off a CPA model so whoever the client is, you’re competing against all the other clients. If you’re generating revenue for Cannella then Cannella  will do more media.”

Ken asked Bill to explain MSO (Multiple System Operators) advertising, such as DIRECT TV, Comcast, Dish Network, Cox, Frontier, Charter Spectrum and Fios. When you think of regular paid programming, for the most part, it’s going to run earlier in the morning or late at night. MSO advertising is 24/7 so you will get views that you won’t get anywhere else, and it helps drive revenue across the board for clients in retail.

Cannella is in the business of making money, but they are only in the business of making money if they can make you more successful.



[00:23]  Introduction

[01:19]  There is no bad media

[03:21]  TV, Digital, Social, Retail

[04:38]  You’re competing against all other clients

[05:37]  MSO (Multiple System Operators) Advertising

[08:46]  Media, Media, Media!

[10:47]  Bad creative, good creative – Get the best creative team

[23:30]  Closing remarks


Ken Kerry

Ken Kerry

Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Script to Screen


Ken Kerry serves as an Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director at Script to Screen, and his hands-on involvement ensures the highest production values are combined with solid direct response principals. Script to Screen is one of the nation’s leading direct response television companies, producing more than 600 infomercials and DRTV spots, generating more than $6 billion in sales for its clients, and winning numerous awards for excellence.

Bill Raymond

Bill Raymond

Bill is a leader in DTC media and marketing space with 20+ years of managing media for top marketers, including Beachbody, Guthy Renker, and Tristar Products. He started his career in TV ad sales at Petry Television but his entrepreneur spirit came full circle when he founded Media for the Masses, which merged with Cannella Media DTC in 2005.

Bill has been with Cannella Media DTC for over 15 years and in his current role as EVP Managing Partner, he is responsible for generating revenue on the media and account side. He has managed well over $2 billion dollars in ad spend and brings a 360-degree view of what it takes to drive sales.

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