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As thought leaders, we inspire, empower, shape cultures and maximize sales
effectiveness and results through deep intrinsic customer engagement strategies.

Ken and Barbara Kerry, co-founders of Script to Screen

We help grow Direct-to-Consumer revenues for businesses, particularly those that desire relationships with their consumers and or want to support their retailers. We want to share what we have learned and what we are learning with you so we have created the Script to Screen #ThoughtLeaderThursday webinar series. Every month, we interview business and thought leaders about what they are doing to find new growth and revenue in today’s modern economy. We shine a light on the tactics and strategies that you can use today and in the future to help your business thrive.

See some of our videos and interviews below!

Insider Interviews

Watch “A Behind the Scenes Look at DTC Marketing”

Don’t miss this special insider interview where Script-to-Screen co-founder Ken Kerry will sit down with Cannella Media DTC Executive Vice President Bill Raymond to discuss top DTC strategies, media buying tactics, and more! Bill Raymond has several years of media management experience and has overseen multi-million-dollar media budgets.

Sequential Creative Messaging: Is this the future of brand/product storytelling?

Watch this short video to learn more about this exciting creative tactic and why it should be part of your strategy.

See How to Maintain Your ROI in Challenging Times

Watch this short video: See what the data says about ROI and understand how cutting your budgets is a recipe for long-term failure. Data doesn’t lie!

3 Things Successful Businesses Do When the Economy Shifts

Shifting Economy?
Whether it’s a tough or booming economy there are 3 things highly successful companies do that others won’t.

Why Digital Brands Are Trying Traditional Media…Here’s Why.

Learn why so many native digital brand GIANTS are moving into Television.
And see how it’s translating into BIG returns! How about break-even versus 3-1 MER (Media Efficiency Ratio)!!

What is Your Company’s Side Door?

Take a look at this 4-minute video to find the “White Space” for your product. Don’t get lost among your competition…go in through the “Side Door.”

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