What Can You Do in 5 Minutes on TV?

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What can you do in five minutes on television? When it comes to selling your product or service, it turns out you can do a lot! You can tell your complete story. You can reach more potential customer. In fact, 61 networks currently air 5-minute spots with more coming.

You can actually support your long-form campaign or use it as a stand-alone entry into the marketplace.It’s really the perfect mix of long form and short form allowing time to educate your customer while providing the opportunity for placements throughout the day.

For decades, DRTV advertising has come in three basic formats—short form, either sixty seconds or two minutes in length, and half hour actually 28 minutes and 30 seconds. Now, there’s mid form and it’s creating exciting new opportunities to boost existing campaigns or even break into the marketplace for the first time.

As a rule, the mid-form DRTV spot is five minutes in length, although running times of 3 and 4 minutes have also been tested, but the 5-minute length allows enough time for the classic proven infomercial structure, problem/solution.


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