With the continued upswing in the economy, savvy marketers are looking for proven new strategies that can dramatically increase sales, revenues and profits while building their brands.

Enter the Long Form DRTV show.

Why did brands invest an estimated $1-billion in Long Form DRTV media during 2013? And why do forward-thinking CEOs and CMOs consider the Long Form show as a strategic competitive advantage against segment rivals? Script to Screen reflects the primary reasons in a compelling 5-point Business Case.

Click here and download the PDF: “WHY” LONG FORM DRTV?
THE BUSINESS CASE. You’ll discover . . .

  1. Why Long Form is optimally effective at creating direct sales, generating qualified leads, acquiring customers and driving retail and web traffic
  2. What are the possible 18 uses of Long Form DRTV
  3. How precision ROI accountability is delivered
  4. What segments have been successful with Long Form
  5. How brands are elevated through real and authentic customer testimonials

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