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Working with the entire Script to Screen Group team in a full-service capacity gives you and your company the best opportunity for success in the complex and rapidly evolving world of Performance Response and Direct-to-Consumer marketing.

Our team has over 30 years of expertise creating enormously successful campaigns; from start-ups and Fortune 1000 businesses, to the biggest brands in the world. Depending on the key performance indicators initially established with our client, our team will determine a solid response-driven strategy using our unique proven method that has been responsible for over 6 billion dollars in sales of products and services. Building a Direct-to-Consumer sales channel that also drives sales at retail and on Amazon is a very specialized expertise that requires TV, digital and social media all working together to drive sales to a high conversion microsite, call center or text-to-order platform. Today’s campaigns require sophisticated set-up, management and optimization infrastructure.

The driving factor in every successful campaign is a creative message that resonates with the target demographic that is specifically and masterfully crafted to move a prospect into a valuable customer that will continue to bring value and profitability to the entire business enterprise. As consumer buying behaviors continue to evolve, it’s more important than ever to be in front of potential buyers with a compelling story about your product or service that educates, validates and motivates them to take action. Recent history has proven that the sooner businesses create a Direct-to-Consumer model and own the relationship with their customers, the better their future profitability opportunities will be.

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What Others Are Saying

“Working with Script to Screen did more for my retail business in 45 days, than I had been able to do in eight years.”

Maria McCool

Founder, Calista Tools

“The Script to Screen team is fast, efficient, and shows incredible attention to detail. The final shows come in on time…and on budget. Best of all, the campaigns produce outstanding results. In fact, the most successful infomercial campaigns in the company’s history have been produced by Script to Screen.”

George Fettig

Chief Marketing Officer, Shark/Ninja, makers of the Shark line of vacuums

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