Want to watch some inspiring DRTV creative getting some remarkable success? This is the new “Infotainment” campaign produced for The DuMont Project and their client, Nescafe’s Dolce Gusto brand — which awarded Script to Screen the responsibility of strategic creative development and production.

In December 2013, Nescafe’s direct sale and demand-building Long Form show reached #11 on the Infomercial Monitoring Service Top 100 charts.

Mario Lopez is the entertaining host for the spot and the Long Form show. But the real hero is the Dolce Gusto single serve coffee maker – with a DRTV message designed to motivate you to get one. Watch the spot below.

The Nescafe beautiful Long Form show is one of the most entertaining and persuasive shows on television today. And should you be considering what an integrated campaign might do for your brand, watching this show will inspire you as to “what’s possible.”

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